Three Things to Keep the Whole Life

1. Sages’ books
Sages’ books uplift and purify one’s mind and spirit. Sages’ book bring us in front of the cosmic truth. It’s great a thing to have some alone time and to comprehend the ultimate cosmic truth with sincere and peaceful heart and practice in daily life. Sages’ books activate our inner wisdom and lead us on the right life path. Reading sages’ book allows us to respond with the sages and to sublimate ourselves. Reading sages’ book helps us to live freely in this dusty world and not get attached to worldly things. Living in the Way and Living with virtues is the ultimate purpose of this life.

2. Plant-Based Diet
Plant-based diet helps us cleanse both our physical body and spirit. Plant-based diet does not contain negative energy as the animal-based diet. It’s compassionate diet, natural diet and clean diet.

3. Proper Exercise
Before the industrial revolution, human beings had more chances to do labor work. Working in the field allows the whole body to get exercised. Every part and everything in the body is moving. However, at this modern time, most workers just sit in the office or do light labor work because most of the works are being done by the instruments. Our physical body is like a reservoir. It will become blocked and dead if no moving. Proper exercise is necessary for common people.

Reading sages’ books, plant-based diet and proper exercising are like three chronic tonics. In one day, two days, one month, two month.. We might not be able to see the benefits. However, the influence is subliminal. After two, three or five years, you will see the change. To everything, the important thing is perseverance. Let us persevere to the end.

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