New Plant Based Diet Pyramid

USDA’s first introduced the Basic Four Food Groups in 1956, which is shown in the following food pyramid.

As time passing by, more and more people have become aware the health issues resulted from meat and dairy food intake, such as obesity, (two thirds of American are over weighted), high blood pressure (one third of American), heart disease (1 in every 4 deaths is due to heart disease), diabetes, breast cancer and so on. Many research results have shown that people whose diet is based on plant show much lower incidence rate that people do.

At the same time, people found that the plant kingdom can also provide excellent sources of nutrients, namely, protein and calcium.

Since even lower level of intake of animal product can increase health risks, different organizations have provided different type of diets.

IRSCE believes that each person’s physical body is different and each person needs different kinds of food to reach the balance. For example, some people can not take much fruit. In this case, he/she can take more vegetables. Water is essential, however different bodies would need different amount. Water could become poison if over taken. The following is the plant based diet recommended to you. And it is important to point out that ONE NEEDS TO FIND ONE’S OWN TYPE OF DIET.

This new diet recommendation is a no-cholesterol and no-animal-fat plan that supplies all of an average adult’s daily nutritional requirements, including substantial amounts of fiber.

By sticking to new plant based diet, American’s overall heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, breast cancer, stroke, etc, could be lowered dramatically. The new plant based diet is a healthier way to live, which is beneficial to both humans and the environment.

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